SmarterSoftware's GameTimer


Here's a closer look at how GameTimer tracks and limits
the time players take for their moves in a board game.

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Start a Game

GameTimer Screenshot

Starting the game is as simple as tapping the 'Start' button.

Move to the next player

You can see who is on the move using the green highlight. The next player is shown with a more subtle yellow glow.

GameTimer Running

When a player has finished his move, you can either tap the current player's button ‐ or you can use the 'Next' button. This stops the current player's clock, puts the next player on the move and starts the next player's clock.

Moving to the next player can be done by designating one of the players as the time keeper, or each player can tap his button at the end of his move.

Take a break

When the game is running, you can always stop the game by tapping 'Pause'. To re-start, just tap the 'Start' button again.

Start a new game

Setting up a new game is easy. Tap the 'Game' button to open the 'Game Configuration' view.

GameTimer Configuration

If you just want to use the current configuration, all you have to do is tap the 'Start New Game' button. If you want to, you can change the game's parameters first.

Timing Schemes

When you want to start a new game, you can set up the timing scheme for your game. Just decide whether you just want to measure the time players take for their moves or whether to use a countdown scheme. You can also set the time for each player.

Number of Players

GameTimer can be used for two to four players, allowing time control for all popular board games. Just tap the button corresponding to the number of players in your game.

Time's up!

It's easy to spot when a player has used up all his allotted time: The time will be displayed in red.

GameTimer Time is up for Player1

You should decide before the game how to handle this situation. One option is to make that player loose the game immediately. Depending on the game you're playing you can also make this player move "immediately" for the rest of the game. (This is usually better for games with more than two players that have a defined end of the game.)

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