SmarterSoftware's GameTimer

Speed up
slow players
with GameTimer

Love playing board games?
But frustrated by sluggish players so games take forever?
SmarterSoftware's GameTimer allows you to enjoy games
by limiting the time each player can use during a game. GameTimer Screenshot

More details

Track time used by each player

GameTimer keeps track of the time each player has used for making his moves.

Limit time for each player

Before the game, players agree on the total time each player each player is allowed to take. If one player uses more time for one move, she has to speed up in later moves.

Decide how long a game will take

If you want to play a quick game, give each player only a very limited of time. In chess, quick games such as "blitz chess" with only five minutes of time for the whole game are a popular addition to long tournament games with hours of time.

Available on the AppStore

GameTimer will be available as an app for the iPhone and the iPad. It can be purchased on the AppStore.